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Taiwan Dive Buddy was formed by several members who are passionate about scuba diving and teaching diving. We are not only enthusiastic, professional, safe, but also caring for the ocean! We hope that through the rigorous and interesting teaching content, students can understand the ocean. The courses and learning effects here are definitely different from other places!

Here, we have a flexible time and course schedule, students can coordinate with our assigned instructors to arrange class time, customized and flexible learning methods, the most suitable for people living in urban cities, let your precious time to maximize the learning benefits.

Beside our optional private course, we also limited with our ratio for instructor and student divers as 1: 2 ~ 4 (Max. with assistant) so student divers can learn with their pace under our caring instruction.  

We offer full range of PADI courses, including:

Diver Level (OW/AOW/RESCUE/Specialities)

Dive Pro/instructor training (Divemaster/AI/IDC/Specialty instructor/MSDT/IDCS)

Tec dive training for full PADI's TecRec courses from diver up to instructor level.

Rebreather training for recreational diver or up to Tec 60 CCR diver

Distinctive specialty diver and instructor courses 

Emergency First Responder and EFR instructor courses

DAN World Training from provider up to instructor trainer courses

We welcome you to join us, no matter it will be your first time experience for scuba diving, or you want to continue your dive training, or to explore the depth.  For the summer diving season (normally May to October), we dive around the Northeast Coast near our filling station.  During the off season (normally November to next April), we often dive around other locations for training or fun dives, and also arrange dive trips to different destinations in oversea.  


Curious?  Just call and check with us! 


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